Open workshops for all with Marc J Acquaviva
Two intimate yoga sessions to take small groups deep into the work (no more than 8 on each group) strictly pre-booked. This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in refining the body-mind relationship... The workshop is taylored to the participants.
Saturday June 9th 2018
10:00am -1:00pm
and 2:00pm-5:00pm
Cindy Robins' Private studio
BN16 4AJ
Cost: £30/session or £50 for a ful day.
Booking: Contact Cindy at


“This yoga shows us karma in its most immediate sense. It shows us that outcome is the result of action, and that the quality of what we are experiencing is a direct result of the quality of our actions. Yoga must become an act of deep communion between body, mind and the here and now. Body-mind must engage with this earth and this space with the degree of love and respect that we might need for our own healing. With loving touch in our actions, there is an immediate release from self-violence, and life-long complications can simply fall away. This is hard to believe because it is radical, not of this world of war and competition. But when you understand what it takes to apply yourself to this kind of loving engagement, you will fall in love with its power of transformation – it is beyond anything the ego might be hungry for. This is the solution – practice your yoga with deep love in your touch and the world will seem to change about you ”

(Marc J. Acquaviva, aka Marc Woolford)



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