Open workshops for all body-mind enthusiasts
'Shifting Paradigms ~ Radical Ahimsa in action'
A Scaravell-inspired full-immersion weekend with Marc J Acquaviva & Abigail Peck
For teachers, practitioners and body workers of all levels.

Over this weekend you will be guided by both Marc and Abigail through the journey of 'Creating the Conditions' - a systematic process that awakens the natural innate intelligence of the body.

Marc J Acquaviva became passionate about yoga as a child and since 1991 has been studying and practicing exclusively with people that have worked directly with Vanda Scaravelli such as Diane Long and Sophy Hoare, as well as ostepaths and anatomists that have been called to further her work such as Pete Blackaby and John Stirk. Making sense and sharing the efficacy of this particular approach to yoga has become his life-mission, and over his yoga carreer he has developed a deeply effective methodology that he refers to as 'Creating the Conditions' - a radical approach to both practice and teaching that leads to profound shifts in people's experience and understanding of the body.

Marc 'About the joints': "... I like to work and teach in a way that would give NO joint any cause to brace or hold against movement or breathing. If the muscles around a joint have to brace, then in my understanding and experience of things, this means there is essentially conflict in action or support. One way of working is to 'strengthen' the muscles so that the person becomes resilient to the dysfunction ( which essentially reduces function of the joint), the other is to allow the rest of the body to work in a way that causes no problem at the area of concern ( much harder work but far more rewarding). If achieving posture is a goal then this is nearly impossible. But if achieving zero violence in approach to the posture is the aim, then incredible results can occur. The body's systematic responses are quick to absorb relationships that work when the person can make 'good relationships ' the only viable ambition. And the whole person changes to accomodate the new relationships ... its this that makes me think that perhaps this is likely to be the 'yoga' of such things"

Abigail Peck brings her own extensive experience, intelligence and deeply nurturing skills to the work. She has been a dedicated practitioner of the yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli since 1997, following the work of Carrie Tuke. She did a teacher training course at the Esther Myers School in Toronto as well as studing and training in yoga birth and all peri-natal practices. She is a fully qualified Doula and also holds a MSc in Engineering. She met Marc in 2010, and instantly recognised his work as the way forward for yoga in the West. She helped found the Acquaviva School of Yoga in 2011 and went through the training with Marc herself whilst setting up the logistics of running the school, and has been working side by side with him ever since to develop and bring to fruition the vision that they both hold for this Yoga and the potential it awakens in the people that apply themselves to it.

About Abigail's practice and teaching: "Yoga is my soothing, my challenge and my pleasure. My delight is to guide students in their own practice so that they listen and trust in their own body wisdom. Once they tune into their own yoga, the stripping away of unnecessary noise and fight allows the body’s magnificence to be revealed."

Workshops are informal and deeply informative. There is an organic and interactive feel to the work that invites questions from participants as things arise, and solutions are offered to those that ask questions, either in a group-led format or if the practitioner is willing, by direct example through hands-on support (which also shows the rest of the gorup how it works ). Both Marc and Abigail are highly skilled at hands-on. The skill is based in a physical transmission of the harmonious structural relationships that are a result of 'Creating the Conditions', and when the body experiences this direct support, the practitioner becomes able to let go of the tensions that mask sensation.

When Marc and Abigail work together, as well as the above format, you have the additional benefit that when one leads, the other offers direct hands-on guidance to those that want it. This has proved to be the quickest and most effective way to transmit the full meaning and implication of the work.
(If you
prefer to be left alone you can gain just as much by watching closely, which is also encouraged)

4th & 5th Nov 2017,


Whittle-le-Woods Village Hall,
Union Street,
Chorley, Lancashire,
PR6 7LN.

10am-4pm each day


£90 both days
or £50/day

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