Yoga in the Garden with Marc J Acquaviva

Re-awaken your to your essential self !
(Exploring the Conditions that awaken you to your body's innate natural intelligence)

31st July- 4th August
14th -18th August 2017

A unique opportunity to go deep into the Yoga with Marc at his home and beautiful garden space.
Two individual weeks of open Classes & Workshops for all -
or two 5-day Yoga Courses for enthusiasts.

10:30am - 1:00pm each day
The Garden
(side entrance),
15 Ranelagh Villas, Hove, BN3 6 HE
Suitable for all, from enthusiastic beginners to long term yoga students and teachers.

Cost £30/session prebooked (drop in subject to availability)
OR reserve your place every day for one week - £120
OR for both weeks - £200

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The morning 2 1/2 hr workshop series with Marc (10:30am-1:00pm) will serially take you through each of the 'Conditions' that lead to the direct experience of the yoga.

This high-end content is something that Marc freely offers to anyone that cares to come to class (or even watch one of his facebook lives), and it is the backbone to the training courses and retreats offered by the Acquaviva School..

Over each of these weeks, the morning workshops will be geared to offering participants a direct embodied experience of how each of the individual 'Conditions' works to offer anyone, whatever their experience level, direct access to the empowered relationship between body and mind that is the Yoga.

If you attend one day you will go away with brand new inspiration that will keep you going for weeks or months, if you attend a week, you will leave with principles enough to guide a lifetime of practice, attend both weeks , and you you will go away transformed...


The afternoons will be available for discounted 121 slots with Marc or Abigail ... Abigail is the co-founder of the Acquaviva School of yoga, and has been practicing and working with Marc directly for over 7 years..

Both Marc an Abigail will be available for 121 sessions in the afternoons. These will be pre-booked half-hour slots between 2pm and 4:30pm.(discounted for these two weeks)

£25/half hour to work with Marc (usually £40)
or £20/half hour to work with Abigail (usually £30) -
email to arrange this beforehand,
or if you come to a morning session, you can book something then (subject to availability)

Bring any issue, any question.. It could be a posture you would like to understand/refine/rediscover, a joint issue or some developing problem you would like to resolve - or simply something specific you are looking for from your personal practice. A half hour is usually enough to make a huge difference.. .Book an hour if you would like to go even deeper, or if you would like to take your time with the process. If you give us an idea of what you are looking for when you contact about this, we will make sure you work with the person best suited to give you what you want.

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For Garden Yoga with Marc

Booking for any session means precisely that (come as and when you please). Should the weather make it impossible to run classes that particular week, I shall put it on the following week if I can.·· If weather prevents yoga on any particular day, I may put on the sessions indoors in my home for the first five people that turn up ... Those that miss out, and have booked for anything between 1 session and 2 days, may come on·another day that week. If you book 'any time', that day is just forfeited. If the event just needs to be cancelled, you will be fully refunded ( Surprisingly for the UK, this hasn't happened yet!)

Private tuition & Skype:

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